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Bennett Read 1000W Blender


With its super-powerful 1000W motor and premium, durable materials wrapped up in a classic, retro-chic design, the Bennett Read 1000W Blender is a masterpiece that will sit in pride of place in your kitchen. Smoothies, juices, salsas and soups have never been easier with its family sized 1.5L glass jug, unique stainless steel blades, two speeds and pulse mode. Its versatile and we know it.Powerful, premium, long-lasting 1000W motor

  • Six precision-engineered stainless steel blades with a unique serrated edge
  • Large 1.5L premium glass jug
  • Classic, retro-chic design
  • 2 speeds and a pulse mode for extra versatility.


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    Bennett Read – Indoor Misting Fan


    Beat the heat with our Bennett Read Indoor Misting Fan. A modern, inexpensive and effective cooling solution for circulating the air in your home. With a 1.5l water tank humidifier, modern LED control panel, remote control and silent 85W motor. Switch from fan to dehumidifier, with just one touch!

    – Customize your experience with 3 modes, 3 speeds and swing and tilt function
    – Silent 85W motor with self-protecting overheating mechanism
    – Large, durable 16 inch blades
    – Remote controlled timer function
    – Modern LED control panel

    – Dimensions: 13.5 x 45 x 66cm
    – Weight: 8.5kg
    – Colour: Black
    – Material: Plastic & metal
    – Wattage: 85W
    – Warranty: 12 Months


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    Bennett Read Electric Fry Pan


    Broaden your culinary horizons with the 6.6L Die Cast Electric Frying Pan!

    With die-cast aluminium construction & Granite-Tech, non-stick cooking surface, it is certainly the perfect kitchen appliance for healthy, hassle-free cooking, roasting, steaming & reheating. The extra-large capacity & 1400W die-cast heating element guarantees a fast, even & efficient cooking experience. This Electric Frying Pan allows you to easily create as well as serve, large family meals with its quick release adjustable temperature control & cool-touch handles. From fry to fork!
    • Extra-large, deep dish for family-sized meals
    • Granite-Tech coating & die-cast heating element for fast & efficient cooking
    • Non-warping, non-stick performance
    • 1400W power, adjustable temperature control & heat indicator light
    • Tempered glass lid, cool-touch handles & anti-slip feet for ease of viewing & handling
    • PFOA, Cadmium & Lead free
    • 100% dishwasher safe* for quick & easy clean-up
    *Both pan & glass lid are dishwasher safe when the heat control plug is removed.

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    Bennett Read Compact 2-in-1 Fan Heater – Black/Silver


    Customise & enhance your personal space with the heating & cooling power of the stylish Bennett Read 2-in-1 Fan Heater.

    With dual comfort modes & built-in thermostat you are able to maintain the perfect room temperature, all year-round. This Bennett Read 2-in-1 Fan Heater also comes equipped with a built-in thermal fuse & tip-over safety switch for ultimate safety & complete peace of mind! The convenient, portable solution for instant, personal warming & cooling.

    • Perfectly warm or cool your personal space
    wherever you are
    • Rapidly heats or cools your personal space
    • Set & forget – maintains desired temp with
    adjustable thermostat
    • Dual comfort modes: cool & warm
    • Energy-efficient, eco-friendly* power consumption
    • Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, offices, caravans &
    • Fan system for quicker heat distribution
    • Integrated overheat & tip-over safety protection
    • Cool-touch exterior
    • Compact modern design with carry handle


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    Bennett Read Pure Press 360 Juicer


    The easy-prep, easy-clean juicer solution for creating freshly-squeezed, healthy & delicious cold-pressed juices with no additives or preservatives… all at a fraction of the cost, in the comfort of your own home.

    The Bennett Read Pure Press 360 Juicer is equipped with an energy-efficient motor & state-of-the-art RotaPress Slow-Juicing action to efficiently extract more juice with less pulp, less froth & less waste, ensuring that you get 100% natural goodness in every glass. Filter, beakers & components are all made from ultra-durable, dishwasher-safe BPA-free TRITAN® to make cleaning up a breeze!

    • Extra-wide feed for a variety of ingredients & easy prep
    • Ideal for berries, citrus, veg, leafy greens & wheatgrass
    • Durable TRITAN® filter for ultra-easy cleaning
    • High yield of juice, less waste, less pulp
    • Minimizes oxidation & separation
    • Drip-free spout cap holds juice until ready
    • Low-noise motor with normal & reverse functions
    • Includes 600ml pulp & juice beakers, plus a cleaning brush
    • Integrated safety lock & overheat protection

    • Bonus recipe book included

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    Bennett Read Chef Select Pan 30cm


    Bennett Read 30cm Chef’s Select Pan is the premium all round quality pan for gourmet healthy cooking in the comfort of your own home.


    With its premium, double layer non-stick coating and heat-resistant spray the Bennett Read 30cm Chef’s Select Pan gives you the versatility to create culinary masterpieces in the kitchen on a variety of hobs, including electric, gas, induction, radiant ring and even ceramic halogen!


    With the Bennett Read 30cm Chef’s Select Pans aluminium core, it gives you the ability to cook efficiently as it conducts and distributes heat fast and evenly. While it is free of PFOE and PTFE, this pan is not only the ultimate choice when it comes to healthy cooking but also assures safety in the kitchen with its extra-long, cool-touch handles that were designed for maximum heat control over the stove.


    • Extra-large 30cm pan
    • Induction ready base – cooks on all hob types
    • Extra-long, cool-touch handle – for ultimate ease of use
    • Non-stick coating for easy cooking and cleaning
    • PFOE and PTFE free!
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    Bennett Read 28L Microwave


    The Bennett Read 28L Microwave is the large capacity, multi-functional solution for quick & hearty meals.

    Defrost & cook a meal all in one go with the convenient digital one-touch preset buttons & 10 easy-to-use programmable power levels. Add an extra touch of class to your kitchen with the premium glass-finish door & modern, stylish exterior. With a variety of useful features, including an integrated clock & 99 minute cooking timer, that provide you accurate information for multi-stage cooking & warming up.

    • Large 28L cooking capacity
    • 10 Programmable power levels for precision cooking
    • 900W of power for faster cooking
    • 6 Preset cooking settings for one-touch convenience
    • Multi-stage cooking allows you to defrost & cook meals in one go!
    • Digital LED display with integrated clock & 99 minute cooking timer
    • Premium tempered glass door & stylish finishes
    • Cook or defrost by weight functions
    • Child lock for safety & peace of mind
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