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    Bennett Read – Indoor Misting Fan


    Beat the heat with our Bennett Read Indoor Misting Fan. A modern, inexpensive and effective cooling solution for circulating the air in your home. With a 1.5l water tank humidifier, modern LED control panel, remote control and silent 85W motor. Switch from fan to dehumidifier, with just one touch!

    – Customize your experience with 3 modes, 3 speeds and swing and tilt function
    – Silent 85W motor with self-protecting overheating mechanism
    – Large, durable 16 inch blades
    – Remote controlled timer function
    – Modern LED control panel

    – Dimensions: 13.5 x 45 x 66cm
    – Weight: 8.5kg
    – Colour: Black
    – Material: Plastic & metal
    – Wattage: 85W
    – Warranty: 12 Months


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    Bennett Read 11L Air Cooler


    Instantly cool, purify, refresh & humidify the spaces in your home with the 4-in-1, Bennett Read 11L Air cooler.

    An innovative, air cooler, fan, air purifier & humidifier all wrapped up in one portable, energy efficient, freon-free cooling system. With an extra-large 11L* water tank, auto-swing function, handy timer function & full-feature remote control, you can enjoy uninterrupted, evaporative cooling power for up to 10 hours! Select from Low, Mid & High fan speeds, plus Regular, Natural & Sleep comfort modes.

    • 4-in-1 Air cooling system
    • Powerful 70W motor
    • Extra-large 11L* water tank for a longer cooling experience
    • Energy efficient, freon-free cooling system that covers an area of 16m2
    • Up to 10 hours of evaporative cooling on a single tank
    • Easy to use LED touch-control panel
    • Remote control for operating convenience
    • 3 Comfort modes – Regular, Natural & Sleep
    • Adjustable air vents, fan speeds & added auto-swing function
    • Auto shut-off timer up to 7.5 hours
    • Easy-empty water outlet for effortless cleaning
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    Bennett Read Compact 2-in-1 Fan Heater – Black/Silver


    Customise & enhance your personal space with the heating & cooling power of the stylish Bennett Read 2-in-1 Fan Heater.

    With dual comfort modes & built-in thermostat you are able to maintain the perfect room temperature, all year-round. This Bennett Read 2-in-1 Fan Heater also comes equipped with a built-in thermal fuse & tip-over safety switch for ultimate safety & complete peace of mind! The convenient, portable solution for instant, personal warming & cooling.

    • Perfectly warm or cool your personal space
    wherever you are
    • Rapidly heats or cools your personal space
    • Set & forget – maintains desired temp with
    adjustable thermostat
    • Dual comfort modes: cool & warm
    • Energy-efficient, eco-friendly* power consumption
    • Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, offices, caravans &
    • Fan system for quicker heat distribution
    • Integrated overheat & tip-over safety protection
    • Cool-touch exterior
    • Compact modern design with carry handle


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    Bennett Read Personal Air Cooler


    Cool, purify, refresh & humidify the air in your personal space with the stylish, powerful & conveniently compact 4-in-1 Bennett Read Personal Air Cooler.

    This cooler is perfect for the Summer heat with Innovative HydroCool Evapo-Atomiser Technology that instantly creates cool, moist air making it ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, offices, caravans & camping. Select Low, Mid or High fan speed for an effective airflow & choose between 8 Integrated light choices to add a touch of ambiance.

    Load shedding again? Or are you battling to concentrate at your desk because of the heat? Bonus 1.5m micro USB cable is included for convenient, anywhere, anytime cooling!

    • Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, offices, caravans and camping
    • Atomiser for cool, effective misting
    • Large 600ml water tank
    • 3 Fan speeds
    • Adjustable air vents
    • Powerful, quiet operation
    • Portable, lightweight and durable
    • Freon-free, energy efficient and eco-friendly
    • Super-absorbent, long-lasting water filter for increased performance
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    Bennett Read Slimline Tower Fan


    Enhance your living areas in your home with the modern space-saving design & cool comfort features of the Bennett Read Slimline Tower Fan.

    Elegantly designed to take up less floor area & deliver maximum energy-efficient cooling airflow for any small office space, bedroom, living room or even kitchen for up to 7.5 hours! Experience even air-distribution with a wide coverage of up to 30m² with the convenient oscillation function. Equipped with easy-to-use LED touch-control panel, extended-range remote control & lightweight design for easy portability & an uninterrupted, optimal cooling experience.

    • Powerful, energy efficient 50W motor
    • Sophisticated, space-saving design
    • Cooling area coverage of up to 30m2
    • Oscillation function for optimal air circulation
    • Easy to use, LED touch-control panel
    • Pre-programmed airflow comfort modes – regular, natural & sleep
    • 3 Adjustable fan speeds
    • 5 Hour timer with auto shut-off
    • Multi-function remote control for ultimate convenience
    • Lightweight construction with easy-carry hand
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    Bennett Read Steel Pedestal Fan – Black


    Experience luxurious & refreshing relaxation in your home this Summer, with the Bennett Read Steel Pedestal Fan!
    Elegantly designed with advanced TyphoonTech & balanced 40cm blade diameter that ensures a powerful & effective full-room cooling. Choose between Low, Mid & High with the easy-to-use rotary speed control & conveniently adjust the fan to a height of up to 1.24m to allow for regulated custom cooling power & airflow levels.

    • Powerful & efficient 50W motor
    • Large 40cm blade diameter
    • Heavy-duty steel with stylish gunmetal finish
    • Easy to use rotary control
    • 3 Adjustable fan speeds
    • Tilt & auto-swing oscillation control
    • Cools up to 30m2
    • 1.24m Adjustable height
    • Weighted base
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